Nicolai V. Kuminoff

Associate Professor
Arizona State University, Department of Economics

Research Associate
National Bureau of Economic Research

Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists


Working Papers

Valuing Statistical Life Using Seniors Medical Spending

   (with Jonathan Ketcham, Nirman Saha)



Tax Policy and the Heterogeneous Costs of Homeownership

   R&R @ Journal of Urban Economics

   (with Kelly Bishop, Jakob Dowling, Alvin Murphy)

   NBER WP | data and interactive maps


Selected Publications


The Marginal Cost of Mortality Risk Reduction: Evidence from Housing Markets

   Forthcoming in Journal of Urban Economics

   (with Kelly Bishop, Sophie Mathes, Alvin Murphy)



Residential Sorting, Local Environments, and Human Capital

   Forthcoming in Regional Science and Urban Economics

   (with Sophie Mathes)



Hazed and Confused: The Effect of Air Pollution on Dementia

   Review of Economic Studies. 2023. 90(5): 2188-2214. 

   (with Kelly Bishop, Jonathan Ketcham)

   Article | NBER WP


National Expenditures on Local Amenities 

   Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 2023. 117: 102717. 

   (with David Bieri, Jaren Pope)

   Article | WP


Evaluating Consumers Choices of Medicare Part D Plans: A Study in Behavioral Welfare Economics

   Journal of Econometrics. 2021. 222(1): 107-140. 

   (with Michael Keane, Jonathan Ketcham, Tim Neal)

   Article | NBER WP


Best Practices in Using Hedonic Property Value Models for Welfare Measurement      

   Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. 2020. 14(2): 260-281. 

   (with Kelly Bishop, Spencer Banzhaf, Kevin Boyle, Kathrine von Graevenitz, Jaren Pope, V. Kerry Smith, Chris Timmins) 

   Article | WP | slides


Estimating the Heterogeneous Welfare Effects of Choice Architecture

   International Economic Review. 2019. 60(3): 1171-1208. 

   (with Jonathan Ketcham, Christopher Powers)

   Article | WP


Can Understanding Spatial Equilibrium Enhance Benefit Transfers for Environmental Policy Evaluation?

   Environmental and Resource Economics. 2018. 69(3): 591-608.

   Article | WP


Choice Inconsistencies among the Elderly: Evidence from Plan Choice in the Medicare Part D Program: Comment

   American Economic Review. 2016. 106(12): 3932-3961.

   (with Jonathan Ketcham, Christopher Powers)

   Article | NBER WP | rejoinder


Environmental Regulations and the Welfare Effects of Job Layoffs in the United States: A Spatial Approach

   Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. 2015. 9(2): 198-218

   (with Todd Schoellman, Christopher Timmins)

   Article | WP | EPA workshop draft


Partial Identification of Amenity Demand Functions

   Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 2015. 71(1): 180-197.

   (with Kevin Boyle, Congwen Zhang)

   Article | WP


Do Capitalization Effects for Public Goods Reveal the Public Willingness to Pay?

   International Economic Review. 2014. 55(4): 1227-1250.

   (with Jaren Pope)

   Article | WP


The New Economics of Equilibrium Sorting and Policy Evaluation Using Housing Markets

   Journal of Economic Literature. 2013. 51(4): 1007-1062.

   (with V. Kerry Smith, Christopher Timmins)

   Article | NBER WP


What Can We Learn from Benefit Transfer Errors? Evidence from 20 Years of Research on Convergent Validity

   Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 2013. 66(1): 90-104.

   (with Kevin Boyle, Sapna Kaul, Christopher Parmeter, Jaren Pope)

   Article | WP


The Value of Land and Structures during the Great Housing Boom and Bust 

   Land Economics. 2013. 89(1): 1-29.

   (with Jaren Pope)

   Article | WP


A Novel Approach to Identifying Hedonic Demand Parameters

   Economics Letters. 2012. 116(3): 374-376.

   (with Jaren Pope)

   Article | WP


Which Hedonic Models Can We Trust to Recover the Marginal Willingness to Pay for Environmental Amenities?

  Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 2010. 60(3): 145-160.

  (with Christopher Parmeter, Jaren Pope)

   Article | WP


A New Approach to Computing Hedonic Equilibria and Investigating the Properties of Locational Sorting Models

   Journal of Urban Economics. 2010. 67(3): 322-335.

   (with Abdul Jarrah)

   Article | WP | data and code


Why Isnt More U.S. Farmland Organic?

   Journal of Agricultural Economics. 2010. 61(2): 240-258.

   (with Ada Wossink)

   Article | WP


Are Travelers Willing to Pay a Premium to Stay at a Green Hotel? Evidence from an Internal Meta-Analysis of Hedonic Price Premia

   Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 2010. 39(3): 468-484.

   (with Jeta Rudi, Congwen Zhang)

   Article | WP


The Benefit Transfer Challenges

   Annual Review of Resource Economics. 2010. 2: 161-182.

   (with Kevin Boyle, Christopher Parmeter, Jaren Pope)

   Article | WP


Necessary Conditions for Valid Benefit Transfers

   American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 2009. 91(5): 1328-1334.

   (with Kevin Boyle, Christopher Parmeter, Jaren Pope)

   Article | WP


Decomposing the Structural Identification of Nonmarket Values

   Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 2009. 57(2): 123-139.

   Article | WP


Unpublished Manuscripts

National Evidence on Air Pollution Avoidance Behavior

   (with Danielle Back, Eric Van Buren, Scott Van Buren)



Partial Identification of Preferences from a Dual Market Sorting Equilibrium


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